Teplice nad Metují

Town in pitoresque valley of river Metuje, under the former rock-castle Střmen. First mentioned in the year 1362. After the doom of castle Střmen the centre of rule was relocated to the castle in Teplice. This castle was rebuilt in the 15th century to Renaissance chateau, today called Horní (Upper). In the year 1614 the town was splitted to two parts. In the year 1644 was built the second Baroque chateau, today called Dolní (Lower). The main expansion is connected with railway from Trutnov in 20th century. The other important building is the Baroque church of St. vavřinec from the year 1724 with interesting interieur. Teplice nad Metují entertains the Festival of climbing films. It is also the main starting point to the rock-complex Teplické-adršpašské skály.

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Teplice nad Metují - castlteTeplice nad Metují - castlte
Lower chateau
The centre of Teplice nad MetujíThe centre of Teplice nad Metují
Centre of town
View from castle StřmenView from castle Střmen
Sight from former castle Střmen